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Portable silicone hand disinfectant bracelet

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Silicone hand disinfectant wearable as hand bracelet and dispenser.

An overview:
1.Materials: TPU in silicone (thermoplastic polyurethane)
2.Flexible, resistant and smooth to the touch
3.Instructions for the cleaning: wash with soap, hot water and refill
4.Size: Adults Unisex - One size fits all
5. From 7 years old and up - To be used with adult supervision
6. Holds up to 6 ml of liquid
7. The 8 mm filling opening is large enough to hold most of the product nozzles
8. It is washable, wearable and comes with two caps, one for melted liquids and the other for liquid gels.
9. Contains up to 6 ml of liquid and is easy to refill.
10. Fill with your favourite liquid and press on the logo of the bracelet to dispense at your convenience.
11. This is ideal for those who travel, work in the health sector, in services and everyone else.
12.Make the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Materials: Silicone
Tips: You need to plan for growth and longer processing times. We recommend that you buy private inventory

The package contains:
1 * Bracelet
1 *
Set bottle1 : pink + black + yellow + blue
Kit2 pink + black + yellow + blue + black + black
Package 1: 1 black + 1 white + 1 blue + 1 purple Package 2: 1 black + 1
white +2 blue + 2 purple

Package 3: 2 blacks + 2 whites + 2 blues + 2 purples

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