Folding bucket turbine washing machine

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  • ✔ FOLDING TUBE WASHER - This ultrasonic cavitation with high frequency vibration simulates manual cleaning, cleans more cleanly and prevents tangles.
  • ✔ USB POWER AND SAFETY - USB power supply, DC 5V. After turning on the washer for 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off and restart the USB socket after one minute.
  • ✔ WATER SAVINGS AND ENERGY SAVINGS - The portable mini washing machine has a unique design and is suitable for personal laundry. Portable washing machines not only save one third of the water, but also save a lot of energy compared to washing machines.
  • ✔ MULTIFUNCTIONAL, PORTABLE - The mini washer is perfect for washing lightweight items such as ties, T-shirts, underwear and children's clothes that need to be washed separately. It works like a machine that washes fruit and vegetables. Small in size, it can be stored in a pocket or handbag. Suitable for students, travellers and business people