One machine for washing and washing shoes

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Model: XPB50-188

Mode of operation: mechanical

Timing function: 2 hours or less

Power mode: AC

Rated voltage: 220 (V)

Rated power: 260 (W)

Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)

Color: high lattice washing machine (blue light inhibition)

Washing type: pulsator

Cabinet material: high performance plastic

Mini single-tube washing machine, 2-4 pairs of shoes to meet the needs of the family's shoes washing

Deep Cleaning

10 minutes of shoes renewed, 360 ° all-round cleaning, the cleaning effect is amazing ~


Simple operation, saving time and effort; cleaning and deodorizing deep decontamination; large capacity washing shoes; clean and not hurting shoes; small and not occupying land; high-speed rotating movement

  • This high wave washing machine with a new water flow will not only produce less twisting of the shoes, but also a better cleaning and washing effect.
  • Simple to use, just put on your clothes and fill up with water, set the timer and start washing, with a drain hose that allows easy drainage of dirty, environmentally friendly and energy efficient water.
  • The compact and lightweight design makes this unit ideal for places where space is limited. It is suitable for camping, caravans, dormitories, dormitories, student flats, small flats and other compact environments, easy to move and transport wherever you need it.