Atom handheld three-axis stabilizer

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  • Super handset + wireless charging+ supports 310gr payload+ microphone jack input +one-key zoom/focus control + quick smartphone insertion+ app extensions
  • Atom is a portable super gimbal, stabilized with 3 axes, with its particular folding structure; thanks to this innovative feature you will be able to carry Atom saving a lot of space; all this will make your trip easier and fun; atom, with only 440gr of weight, can support weights up to 310gr, which makes it the gimbal with the highest support capacity; thanks to its structure, with a design different from most gimbals on the market, your arms won't get tired even after a long session; all the extra accessories, which will help you to have quality filming, such as additional lenses, will no longer be a weight problem as with other gimbal standards.
  • Atom uses advanced electronic technology, which allows it to rotate infinitely; there will be no blind spots if you use the video Time-Laps function; when face tracking or object tracking modes are active, you won't have to worry if your subject leaves the scene, the shooting angle will always be within the range of your smartphone; atom can easily charge your phone; you can activate wireless charging whenever you want, even halfway through your shooting and without any interruption; your phone doesn't support wireless charging? No problem, you can use the cables provided, without disassembling the phone or interrupting your shooting