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Casque pour vélo intelligent avec lampe frontale et feux de direction


  • Self Cleaning Bidet Feminine Toilet Water Spray

    experience a soothing, freshwater wash that leaves you feeling clean and rejuvenated; requires no electricity or batteries. Washes with jets of fresh is more hygienic than traditional paper or wet wipes, reduces the amount of toilet paper consumption, it can environmental protection and save you money.

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  • Small Bucket Type Travel Folding Washing Machine

    Water and electricity consumption in conventional. Easy to fold, suitable for school dormitory and business hotel, prepare for travel.
    Stabilize the ground while running, one tap out of water. Retractable drainage pipe. Degree of automation semi-automatic Washing kilograms 2.1-4.5kg.

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  • Portable Shoe washing machine

    Mini single-tube washing machine, 2-4 pairs of shoes to meet the needs of the family's shoes washing. Deep Cleaning
    10 minutes of shoes renewed, 360 ° all-round cleaning, the cleaning effect is amazing.
    advantage: Simple operation, saving time and effort; cleaning and deodorizing deep decontamination; clean and not hurting shoes; small and not occupying land; high-speed rotating movement.

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